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"Jennifer is a dedicated community advocate who believes in a Montana that belongs to the working people.  She is committed to creating a state that gives everyone a fair chance no matter their background. When elected, Jennifer will prioritize protecting land rights and our environment, raising the minimum wage and funding public schools. "

Our Revolution President,  Senator Nina Turner


"It is rare to meet someone who cares so deeply about what Montanans go through on a daily basis, but Jennifer Merecki has gone to great lengths to knock on more doors than anyone else, to hear input from people like you, and to understand the challenges and issues facing the people of Montana. Jennifer has the legislative experience and she knows that, although we as Montanans do not agree on all of issues, we need legislators that will listen with an open mind, and then introduce new solutions that work for everyone, not just the privileged few. She is deeply committed to work hard for the benefit of your district, as well as all of Montana. I ask that you take the time to get to know her, and if you do, I know that you will support her as I do. I am reminded by the adage "let the greatest among you serve" A new generation of Montanans are stepping up into positions of leadership and I couldn't be more excited to endorse her candidacy and that is why I am giving my full endorsement to Jennifer Merecki for SD 22. "

Rob Quist, Montana US Congressional Candidate


"Hello billings, Please take some time to check out www.mereckiformontanasd22.com, not only is Jennifer Merecki qualified, but she also brings the dedication and compassion SD22 needs. Please rally around, knock on doors and most importantly tell your friends to vote for Jennifer Merecki; she will bring the necessary change and development that is needed in Senate District 22 Billings Heights. That is why I'm endorsing Jennifer Merecki for SD22."

Helena Montana Mayor Wilmot Collins


“Jennifer Merecki is a progressive leader who has earned my respect and endorsement for State Senate! I look forward to working with her in Helena.”      

Tom Woods, Minority Caucus Chair  
Three-term Montana Legislature Representative
Appropriations, Rules, Local Government and Education Committee Member
Adjunct Professor at Montana State University


“As Montana’s first openly transgender national delegate to a nominating convention, I am giving Jennifer Merecki my full support and endorsement. I have full faith that Merecki will represent my community well in the Montana legislature.”  

National Delegate Anita Green


“I am excited that Jennifer is running for the Senate. She will serve our public well and protect the Native community. That is why I am endorsing her.”

Sharon Stewart-Peregoy
Former Senator , Current Montana Legislature Representative and  Chair State-Tribal Relations Interim Committee


“Jennifer Merecki has shown strong leadership traits since the first day I met her.  She is a true progressive that cares about people over corporations or profit.  She would represent the people in the best way possible. I proudly endorse Jennifer Merecki for the Montana Senate.”

Amelia Marquez
Yellowstone County Democrat Central Committee Vice-Chair


“Jennifer is exactly the kind of change that we need in Helena. Her history of supporting progressive causes in Montana speaks for itself.”

Josh Schleining


“Jennifer is able to dedicate herself to the community through honest, thoughtful organizational focus.”

 Pam Melvin, Registered Nurse


“I endorse Jennifer Merecki for Montana Senate.  Merecki is a writer, advocate, and former delegate to the national democratic convention. She has deep knowledge of the issues and a passion to be the change we want to see. Please vote, Jennifer Merecki for her values, experience and dedication.”

Alex Gray


"The Chamber of Commerce board of directors approved the recommendation for you as a generally supportive candidate. The highest rating for a candidate"

Billings Chamber of  Commerce


"Her stance is not to eliminate or confiscate firearms but bi-partisan, sensible gun legislation that protects life and liberty. LEAP Forward is happy to endorse Jennifer Merecki for Montana SD22"

LEAP Forward

"We are happy to inform you that your campaign has been given the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.  Thank you again for standing up for gun violence prevention and recognizing gun safety. "

National Moms Demand Action